We partner with CityCo on a regular basis in order to create buzz and generate foot traffic for their citywide activations, such as the popular annual Manchester Halloween Monster Invasion and Manchester Flower Show.

Our aim, every year, is to send CityCo’s activations viral through the creation of various forms of social content executed across all of our social media accounts over a specific period of time.

What we did

For each CityCo activation we created multiple videos and wrote various editorial pieces with an aim of generating virality and educating the general public on the events that were unfolding.

From panning, UGC-style overview shots, to presenter-led videos, to Instagram guides and Stories, TikTok videos and long-form written editorial content, CityCo receive our full range of weaponry in order to make their events the hottest and most trending in Greater Manchester.

This is exactly what we achieved for Halloween Invasion 2019, Halloween Invasion 2020 and Manchester Flower Show 2021.

Example content


Video views: 400,000+

Engagement and interactions: 250,000+

People reached: 1.4M+

*statistics up to date as of June 16, 2021