Our friends at Flight Club wanted to drum up a buzz for their popular King Street venue, so partnered with us in order to create an overview video of their venue in order to grow their social channels, teach people about their unique offering and increase foot flow.

We also helped them out during the tail end of the pandemic by raising awareness for their May 17 reopening with an aim to generate as many bookings as possible.

What we did

For the video campaign, we created a short, digestible video that showed off their multi-million pound venue – ensuring we covered all the sweet spots to keep the audience engaged enough to tag their friends and drum up hype.

We also provided them with an informative editorial article that we pinned in the comments of the video so that possible punters could learn more about Flight Club, its location, opening times and ultimately, how to book slots and tables.

For their reopening campaign, we wrote a simple but effective editorial piece and timed it perfectly during a period of time in which the UK was coming back to life after the COVID pandemic.

All of the above campaign was actioned across our Facebook page, Instagram accounts and Twitter.

Example content


Video views: 100,000+

Engagement and interactions: 60,000+

People reached: 250,000+

Our reopening content also generated hundreds of Flight Club bookings for months in advance.

*statistics up to date as of June 16, 2021