We partnered with Bruntwood to raise awareness and promote a variety of their projects through our B2B channels in 2021, starting with ID Manchester before moving onto Blackfriars House and Bloc.

Bruntwood’s innovative teams are constantly developing and executing huge new projects in Greater Manchester, and we are always there to help them make nouse.

What we did

We identified that Bruntwood’s various projects would go down well with our B2B audience and launched three individual campaigns across LinkedIn and on our Instagram account.

Through the creation of in-depth editorial and digestible video content, we told the story of ID Manchester, Blackfriars House by Bruntwood Works, and Bloc. Three very different but equally significant projects by the family-owned property company.

Example content


Video views: 40,000+

Impressions: 100,000+

People reached: 300,000+

*statistics up to date as of July 29, 2021