Long-time client Capital & Centric got The Manc on board back in 2019 in order to partner with them on their huge Kampus development in Manchester city centre.

Kampus is Manchester’s garden neighbourhood. In the centre of the city. By the canal, near the station. Minutes from everything. With secret streets, gardens and terraces, the best independent food and drink and plenty of top of the range apartments.

Since its launch, we have been championing and shining a light on Kampus, ensuring that it is always on news feeds and that a conversation is always being had about this ambitious and groundbreaking project.

What we did

What haven’t we done, should be the question here. From first look videos and articles on new arrivals in the Kampus garden neighbourhood, to video tours of the garden itself and their apartment buildings, which have been being rolled out over the last two years.

We’ve provided boots-on-the-ground content for their canalside events, ensuring that consistent, bitesize content makes its way to our audience through Instagram stories, grid posts and TikToks, to reviews of the food and drink options available throughout the development.

We have consistently been keeping the conversation flowing for Kampus, through the use of our various social accounts and our website, while ensuring that we don’t force it down the neck of our audience.

As a result, Kampus has been a buzzing and thriving location in the city centre since it opened its doors, and rightly so, it’s one of our favourite locations in Manchester, period.

Example content


Video views: 250,000+

Engagement: 40,000+

People reached: 1M+

*statistics up to date as of July 29, 2021